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A sustainable attitude with our environment

Sustainability is a model of action for a future, where environmental, social and economic considerations are balanced. Where controlled development benefits all three of these aspect without damaging another.

All brands are obliged to establish an extremely sensitive attitude to this form of growth. Using innovation to identify new uses for current materials and products; to listen to our environment and respond to its needs, is part of our philosophy and that of more and more users who demand that we respond to them.

This is our brand

NZERO is everything we are, do, say and share. We want to generate value with our clients, partners and friends. To amplify these values and leave a mark on those who trust us and our commitment to sustainability in sports activities and the great outdoors. It is our strategy to travel the path that we began in 2015, to fully understand our present and lead us to a better future by making sport 100% fully sustainable.

NZERO, a brand that meets today's needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

100% innovation

More than five years of co-operation with international laboratories, using the newest technologies and innovative natural additives. Result: a new green wax with the best market features.

100% effective

Protect your material and ensure its optimum performance. Provides maximised gliding coefficient, improves your control and complies with the highest requirements of top users

100% vegetal and natural additives

All our organic waxes are made with 100% vegetal and natural ingredients. A perfect blend with no toxic additives. Our main objective: Maximum enjoyment and a sustainable ski.

Compromises and
real fact

NZERO develops and markets 100% organic and sustainable waxes and lubricants. That means that our commitment is to the use of vegetable ingredients, natural and never from petroleum (crude oil) or fossil fuel resources. We constantly search for components and ingredients that can enhance the functionality and effectiveness of our formulas, but always avoiding the use of those products that are not biodegradable, that are not absorbed by the environment in a natural way.

We must be aware that any sporting activity has a direct impact on the environment where it is practiced, so our products are designed to minimise these effects, allowing us to enjoy the environment but prioritising its permanence for future generations.