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New Nzero
Bike Range

Our passion for outdoor sports has created our deep roots with nature, or perhaps it is the other way around, being able to enjoy nature has made us love the sport we practice.

In any case, protecting our environment has become an extreme demand today. It is for this reason that at NZERO we have developed a new range of highly effective, 100% organic bicycle products that guarantee our respect for the environment.

With formulas based on vegetables, natural additives and avoiding the use of any type of ingredient of mineral origin, NZERO offers a complete solution to cyclists with a high level of sustainable sensitivity. What are the improvements of our formulas:

  • Total replacement of hazardous additives substances with high aquatic toxicity. We are fully labelled toxic free and biodegradable, according to CLP European Regulation.
  • Maximum reduction of chain oxidation.
  • Excellent anti-wear response.
  • Highest water repelling capacity.
  • Best paint compatibility.


NZERO 100% plant based wet lube
and degreaser with less chemicals,
effective and environmental friendly.